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West African Dance & Drum Instruction and Performance

Ibrahima (Ibou) N’gom facilitates community drumming and dancing with adults and students of all ages. He has worked with and performed for elementary though high school students, at-risk youth and university students. He is a SPECTRA Resident Artist. Ibou speaks English, Spanish, French and his native Wolof. His group Domu Africa is a favorite in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. Together they bring the sights and sounds of Senegal alive through traditional music and dance performances. With his set of student sized instruments Ibou can turn any room into an African drum corp. His patient and friendly teaching style makes him a popular teacher. Born into a Griot family of traditional musicians in Senegal, West Africa, he has been carrying on his family’s musical lineage since childhood. Ibrahima toured with two prominent Senegalese dance companies, the 2nd National Ballet of Senegal and the Ballet Sinomew before coming to the Unites States 15 years ago. Since then Ibou has been working to share his native culture’s music and dance traditions with US audiences and especially students.


West African Drum and Dance Workshops, Residencies and Performances.

AFRICAN DRUM WORKSHOP/RESIDENCY: (DJEMBE) Set of Student sized instruments provided, all students participate, learn the fundamentals of rhythm, slap, tone, bass, accompaniments, interlocking rhythm patterns, songs, breaks and more. Social and celebration rhythms will be taught.

AFRICAN DANCE WORKSHOPS/RESIDENCY: African dance choreography performed to live drum accompaniment, all students participate in learning dance fundamentals, timing, shape, tempo, choreography. Social and celebration dances will be taught.

STUDENT PERFORMANCE ASSEMBLIES: Student performances are available for longer term residencies. We can put together a choreography piece with drumming and dancing for your next student assembly/school show.

DOMU AFRICA SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES: Bring Domu Africa to your school for a Performance assembly. Live drums, colorful costumes, African performers, traditional singing bring the sights and sounds of Senegal to your school. New this year is a teacher African curriculum guide for Senegal. Includes, lesson plan ideas, background information on Senegal and cultural insights.

Kids Class Fall 2012@The Tannery

To learn more about Ibou's classes and performances:

Call 831.295.3125

Email: Ibougriot@yahoo.com


If you are interested in studying West African Dance, Drum and Culture in Senegal or find classes and activities in Spain and other parts of Europe, contact Ibou.

Ibou and his family lead seasonal organized trips to Senegal for intensives and workshops, but off season and individual trips can be accomodated with Senegalese "terranga-hospitality" anytime. Enjoy a culturally rich vist and stay with Ibou's Griot/Guewelle Family

Special Events

Bring energy and fun to your next special event! Ibou can perform or lead group activities at weddings, birthday parties, and other festive occasions. Call for more information. 831.295.3125